Coffee and green tea offer health benefits – myth or fact?

Consuming coffee and/or green tea on a regular basis may subsequently reduce the risk of stroke, a large study by Japanese scientists said.
This is especially true when both drinks are part of your regular diet, says the study published in the US journal Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association

The more often you drink coffee or green tea, the lower the risk

Japanese researchers have surveyed about 80,000 adults about their coffee and tea consumption for 13 years. Result: Those who regularly drank coffee or green tea had a significantly lower risk of stroke. The comprehensive study includes factors such as obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption, eating habits and other sports activities. She also studied hospital records and death certificates within the study.
The researchers came to a clear conclusion: the more often people drink coffee or green tea, the lower the risk of stroke

Coffee more effective than green tea

According to the report, participants who drank at least one cup of coffee a day had a 20 percent lower risk of stroke than participants who drank little coffee. Among participants who drank two to three cups of green tea per day, 14 percent had a lower risk of stroke than participants who rarely included green tea in their diet.
They contain substances through which the coffee and green tea exert their apparently positive effect on the cardiovascular system, which needs further investigation, according to the report.

Strong coffee consumption no health hazard

The study – like previous research – refutes the acceptance that strong coffee consumption per se poses a risk to your health. Although it was found at the start of the study that people who drink more than two cups of coffee a day are more likely to develop coronary heart disease. Further results indicate that the heart disease apparently has nothing to do with the strong coffee consumption. Rather, that people with strong coffee consumption are often people with strong cigarette consumption.

Lower risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

Previous studies had already shown that people with regular coffee consumption have a lower risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. If you keep yourself completely exhausted with three pots of coffee the next time, you are doing something for your health, strictly speaking. According to an American study, coffee not only protects against stroke, but also against diabetes, cancer and skin cancer.

Caffeine remains a potential hazard
Coffee and green tea offer health benefits – myth or fact?

Caffeine remains a potential hazard

Coffee remains a potential hazard, largely due to its high caffeine content. For example, you can temporarily increase your blood pressure. Pregnant women, women planning to become pregnant, and women who are breastfeeding should be careful about taking caffeine. Excessive consumption of boiled and unfiltered coffee is associated with a slight increase in cholesterol levels.

Always drink coffee or tea without milk

Drinking 1 cup of coffee or 3 cups of green tea per day limits the risk of stroke, diabetes, cancer and/or skin cancer.
Always drink coffee or tea without milk, because milk reduces the positive effect.

Can you drink coffee and green tea the same day?

Exchanging a cup of coffee for green tea is the best way to start the day. Like coffee, green tea contains a certain amount of coffee and L-theanine.
Drinking coffee and green tea will improve your concentration level and make you feel better

Why decaffeinated coffee is not a good alternative?

Decaffeinated coffee is touted as a coffee replacement in a variety of health arenas. Insomniacs praise the lack of caffeine: Drink decaffeinated coffee instead of cup number three—and put insomnia to bed. Dentists praise the low acidity – the caffeine-free version causes less tooth damage. And the drink is also recommended to pregnant women, who should pay particular attention to their caffeine consumption. But what if we told you that decaf cup of coffee actually has a number of dangerous side effects you didn’t know about? You want to know more, read the whole article here

Conclusion: the right amount of coffee and green tea is certainly valuable for your health. But there are also exceptions where it is better to stop consumption due to the high caffeine content. Heartburn, nervousness or insomnia are well-known side effects of drinking too much coffee.
You should consider cutting back and replacing a cup or two of coffee with ginger tea instead.

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